, Delta-Controls, 2HT Pressure Transmitter

Key Features

Rugged design

The model 2HT has a compact, robust, all stainless steel construction making it particularly suited to the harsh corrosive environments of offshore applications


For applications where the ambient temperature can vary significantly, the 2HT can be supplied with an optional high accuracy calibration enabling the accuracy to be maintained within 0.1% for ambient temperatures ranging from -30°C to +70°C.

Delta’s model 2HT Pressure Transmitter offers customers a compact HART communicating transmitter housed in a robust, all stainless steel enclosure.

The 2HT can be supplied with an option D-CAL digital display that not only provides users with a visible indication of the measured pressure but that also provides users with access to over 80% of the transmitters HART commands, thus reducing the need for costly third party communicators.

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  • موبایل : 09126932089

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